Vedic Astrology by Astrologer in India, Aditya Shastri

Vedic Astrology

Vedic Astrology by astrologer in India Vedic Astrology by Best Astrologer in India, Aditya Shastri describes as follows. The astrological birth chart of every one of us is independent of individual opinions. There are many instances in our lives when we arrive at the comparison mode of thinking though we know comparison is not good.…

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Astrology - The Planets by Astrologer in india

Astrology – The Planets

Astrology – The Planets In Astrology both the Sun and Moon, as heavenly bodies are generally included among the listings of the influences of the planets. The subject of planetary influence upon life on earth and upon the human psyche in particular has been the focus of attention over thousands of years and in every…

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জেনে নিন বাড়ির কোথায় ঘড়ি রাখা একেবারেই উচিত নয়

জেনে নিন বাড়ির কোথায় ঘড়ি রাখা একেবারেই উচিত নয়?

বিশ্বাস করুন বা না করুন একথার মধ্যে কোনও ভুল নেই যে বাড়ির ভিতরে থাকা প্রতিটি জিনিসের সঙ্গে আমাদের ভাল-মন্দের যোগ রয়েছে। বিশেষত ঘড়ি, পেন্টিং, মূর্তি এবং সোপিস যদি ঠিক ঠিক নিয়ম মেনে না রাখা হয়, তাহলে নানা রকম  ক্ষতি হওয়ার আশঙ্কা বৃদ্ধি পায়। এই যেমন ধরুন বাড়িতে থাকা কোনও ঘড়ি যদি দিনের পর দিন বন্ধ…

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Taurus and Cancer Compatibility by astrologer in kolkata

Taurus and Cancer Compatibility

Taurus and Cancer share one of the sweetest relationships of all. Whatever their relation maybe, they both are dependable and provides each other lots of emotional support and strength. Though occasional stubbornness of Taurus and mood swings of Cancer can create problems but they are usually not permanent. Taurus people are very quiet and practical…

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Leo Image By Astrologer in Kolkata - Aditya Shastri

Leo Personality

All Leos of the world can be described using one metaphor – the sun. They want to be a sun giving out light and warmth to the whole world, and to see everyone in their circles thriving in or at least benefiting from their radiance. One other important thing needs to understand is that Leo…

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Cancer Image By Astrologer in Kolkata - Aditya Shastri

Cancer Personality

Cancerians are very defensive creatures – defensive of themselves, their friends and family. They have a very strong and formidable defensive fort in his psyche. He is not intimidated that easily and can sometimes take an aggressive stand in order to protect himself emotionally from transgresses of others. Anyone who intentionally or unintentionally jeopardizes their…

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