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Best Astrologer In Kolkata, India – Aditya Shastri is a specialist in tantrik remedies. Tantra is  a hidden part of Astrology.With Tantric Services we can find permanent solution for complicated issues. If you are looking for a reliable Tantrik services then contact Aditya ShastriAditya Shastri is a reputed Astrologer and Tantrik Specialist in Kolkata, India.

Tantra is the derivation from two words namely “tatva” and “mantra” where the former involves the science of cosmic principles and mantra means the science of spiritual sound vibrations. Thus this branch of astrology is the implementation of cosmic sciences with a view to attain mystic dominance. Tantra can also be described as the magical or mystical text dated from 7th century or earlier which distributes the light of knowledge.

Lord Shiva and Shakthi are the two main deities which are worshiped for tantric related problems.The strongest facets of Vedic insight tradition evolved as an esoteric system of knowledge are in the Tantras. We are all aware that astrology is more than science an art form which helps in thoroughly understanding ourselves where it reaches inside a receptacle and search for physical expressions of our consciousness as well. In this branch of science the mechanics of the movement patterns and designs of the celestial bodies and especially the composition and contents of the Cosmos, with its inhabitants and environments are studied.

There are a total of 192 procedures in Tantra and it is divided into 3 parts: aagam, yaamal, and daamar. Much of the knowledge about Tantra is scattered over India, Nepal, and Bhutan. There unfortunately is no complete guide to this that has combined the knowledge into one. “Sanved” “Atharv-ved” are the basis of Tantra. It is a technique to speed up our energies to attain moksha. How is tantra related to energy? How can we benefit from Tantra? How is tantra good or bad? This article will try to answer some of these question. Please note that this is a very vast subject and the following are just a few basic points.


Speaking of energey, if the energy in your home is positive, then even really bad planets will give less of bad results, but if the energy in your house is negative – then you can expect the good planets to give you really bad results. The energy is static in the home. The energy vibrates through the help of tantra; and again through the help of tantra the vibrating energy gains speed. Tantra makes the mind, brain, and body balanced. As these get balanced, the energy in you rises and in turn helps you rise in life. This is why it’s important to not lose the balance of your mind, brain, and body in any circumstance as it’s only through maintaining this balance that you can get out of a bad situation. Each person’s personality is a tantric procedure – it is made up of air, the 5 elements (which makes the meat and bones in our body) and is run by, and energy (which connects us to the universe). The way that the energy runs in correspondence with the air and 5 elements is tantra. There is a also a big importance of blood and thoughts to run our body. So, the air, 5 elements, energy, blood, and thoughts combine and create a motion in energy, this motion connects the body with the superpower (energy from God). Anyone who gets distinguised from acquiring some kind of energy, or if the person has some  extraordinary abilites from birth, or someone is working towards being extraordinary in any form, then it can be said that the person is making use of tantra in his life. This is not bad. Once can be afraid of “totka”/diablerie, but not tantra. People who are able to get in touch with “air” through help of their Guru, do not need any particular aid (like sindoor/vermilion, wheat, lemon, fruits, clothes etc.) to connect to the supreme being. These aids (which represent the 5 elements) are used by people who, despite being under the guidance of a Guru, aren’t able to connect the earthly body to the superpower. People who have the technique, understanding, mantra, or have practiced their connection with the superpower with the help of a Guru then, they can connect to the superpower without any aid. Mantra, mantra chant and aids are used to ignite energy. When these combine, it slowly ignites our mooladhar chakra and we start getting infinite energy with which we can complete our stalled work or connect to God. If you’d like a lot of power, then start learning tantra with the help of a Guru.


if someone has tried to meddle with your body and mind energy through Tantra:

  • you’ll have stress in the house for no reason,
  • the plants in the house will start to dry up,
  • you may be ill and not know the reason for your illness,
  • your family & friends may start distancing themselves from you.
  • water will start to leak in several places in the home
  • you’ll start getting into small accidents
  • even if they are small
  • you’ll start getting dark circles under your eyes
  • your hair will start becoming dry
  • your skin will start becoming dry all of a sudden; you may have some spots too
  • the work which should normally succeed, start failing
  • you may change your place of living which will not bring you any benefits
  • on the palm: there may be small spots on the upper Mars (these are not moles)
  • these might be several and the upper Mars area will become plump; then for sure someone is messing with your/your home’s energy
  • on the palm: if on the Sun mount, you are developing a horizontal line which is breaking, spots on this mount, or the area is becoming too plump
  • on the palm: the Rahu area.
  • if it’s becoming dry or has a mole, many horizontal lines cutting the life line, dullness in this area.
  • then you need to work on making your body’s energy balanced and positive otherwise they may even cause some illness for which you may need medical advice.
  • you aren’t able to sleep and are very fearful in your sleep.
  • you aren’t able to maintain pregnancy despite everything being fine.
  • your pets/animals in the home (especially cows and dogs) may undergo some harm.
  • when the energy is too negative, even birds stop coming into the home.
  • everything seems ok in the birth chart, but still things aren’t looking up for you.
  • then either you can look at the Vastu of your home or can realize that someone is messing with your energy If you have these symptoms, then for sure your energies are turning negative.


Are you going through a hard time? No matter how much you have worked hard, are you facing a trouble in overcoming your difficulties and come up with flying colors? Probably it is your stars and planets that are not in their desired positions. There are certain situations where you do not find any answer to the causes of your troubles and those are the situations where you have to wither surrender yourself to the wheel of fortune, considering it to be your fate, or you have to visit a learned astrologer, who can turn your wheel of fortune in your favor. The latter is probably a more favorable option. As the stars and planets, Vastu and numbers play a very vital role in your well-being, when time is not favorable and nothing is in your favor – be it health, wealth, peach or success, you must visit a best astrologer who will help you with the right predictions, by showing you the light through a dark path. Trusting in the power of gemstones (Astrological remedies, Vastu Services, Numerology Services, Tantra Services, Palmistry Consultation) and what they can do for you, you can surely overcome your obstacles and return your faith on life.


With so many fake astrologers who simply trade on astrology and have no idea and knowledge on the powers of astrology, numerology and Vastu. Here Aditya Shastri, have come up with the best advises on gemstones, astrology, Vastu, Palmistry, Numerology, Tantra sadhana and also Medical- Astrology Knowledge make him as the top astrologer in Kolkata, India. He got his degree in Astrology – palming, Vastu bidya and Numerology and also Tantrik sadhana is proof enough that you will be at the doorstep of genuine future forecaster and way out from the negative ones. As a Best Astrological Consultant, it has always made him feel that people are in a strong need for a platform and guidance where someone can guide them through darkness and bring light in their lives. And as astrology is the only possible medium, he has spent years in studying and learning this scientific art that completely has a base and the power to turn people’s fates towards success.




Aditya Shastri, The top Astrologer is very well known for his Astrological consultations power of correct predictions and Services in the field of Astrology, Vastu, Numerology, Palmistry and Medical-Astrology in Kolkata, India. The advised gemstones by Astrologer Aditya shastri the genius fortune teller can undoubtedly help you get out of bad times and experience a smooth life ahead. As a Best Astrological Consultant he provides consultancy in all the major cities like : Kolkata, Guwahati, Tripura etc..