Vedic Matchmaking Package


Vedic Matchmaking Package online consultation Booking provided By best Astrologer In India.


Vedic Matchmaking Package By Best Astrologer In India

Vedic Matchmaking is an expert-run process of introducing people usually for the purposes of marriage, considering their compatibility with the help of astrology. Complete package for an unlimited match for an individual. It will take max five working days to get all the report.

In Vedic Matchmaking  report , Astrologer in india – Aditya shastri will provide you all the good and bad aspects , As per your matchmaking horoscope report ,   such as Nakshatra Dosha , Stars in seventh place and the Lord and Specificator of the same, Vish Kanya or Vish Purush Yoga, Varna  Chart, Vashya Gunankan Chart, Tara Gunankan Chart, Yoni Gunankan Chart, friend, neutral, enemy and Lord of Moon sign, Star  Chart, Shudh and Ashudh , Nadi Gunankan Chart, Manglik Dosha, Stars in fifth place regarding the chances of conceiving child, Multiple Marriage Yoga.


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