Tough Times And Remedial Astrology


Tough Times And Remedial Astrology online consultation Booking provided By best Astrologer In India.


Tough Times And Remedial Astrology By Best Astrologer In India

Life is always not that smooth, like day and night, in life we have ups and downs, thus with good times  alternately tough time is inevitable. Similarly in married life too it can be expected that spouse will face some ups and downs. During tough time we feel absolutely out of controlled, stressed with tension, panicking, making the situation more worse. This happens because no one is prepared. However, for this tough time one can mentally get prepared and this is possible through astrological in-depth analysis. If we know when we are planetary positions are not that favorable and what difficulties it might bring in our married life, we can at least keep ourselves prepared, even can reduce the effect by doing astrological remedies.

Are there any tough times in my marriage?

Any current dosha/yoga in the current transit and period, sub periods of stars?

How long will it last? How can I bring stability in my married life?

Getting answers to all these questions.

In Your Astrological Remedies Report, You Will Get To Know:

Description & details of planets affecting your horoscope; Sun, Moon, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus, Saturn, Rahu & Ketu

Combinations & Yogas of malefic & benefit planets like Sun-Saturn-Mars & their impact on your married life.

Combinations present in Natal and Navamasha chart, planets in relevant houses impacting married life.

Years and months those are likely to be tough in your married life.

Astrological remedies for fighting the tough times.

Solutions for harmony & stability in married life.

Astrological remedies/solutions like Homans/gems/color therapy/Vastu analysis like South-West corner of the house for harmony & stability in married life.


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