Astrological Remedies For Childless Couple


Astrological Remedies For Childless Couple online consultation Booking provided By best Astrologer In India.


Astrological Remedies For Childless Couple By Best Astrologer In India

To wish for a healthy and beautiful child is the desire of every married couple. It is natural for each married couple to be blessed with children. However, sometime it does not come very naturally to a few parents. There are several occasions when doctors and medical science, despite of using advanced technology, is unable to predict the possibility of a child for a few couples. Couples do every possible thing to get a baby but they are not successful. Even they spend lakhs of amount in hospitals and healthcare centers to get proper solution to their problem.  Many such unsolved cases have been addressed by implementing occult science like Vedic astrology. Child problem can be solely solved using the knowledge of Vedic astrology and childless couple can be blessed with their own child.

Role of Vedic Astrology for Childless Couple

The complicated offspring problem can be solved with the help of Vedic astrology practiced by Vedic astrologers. In this process, there is a complete study of the horoscope of both husband and wife, and the barrier is discovered that might be preventing women to conceive. A report of the pregnancy/child conceiving with astrology can only be prepared by an expert astrologer but before that authentic detail has to be submitted. If you’re worried for child and need guidance regarding the time of conceiving, then you may consult our expert Vedic Astrologer Aditya Shastri.

A report of the pregnancy of astrology about childless couple says details as

  • If there is other chances of offspring as well as in man and woman.
  • Number of biological children a couple will have.
  • Risk of miscarriage.
  • Chances of risk involved in delivery.
  • Remedies to minimize the effect of malefic planets.
  • Fruitful remedies to maximize the use of benefic planets.

Gift of Child

If 5th house is occupied by Jupiter, its Lord placed with Venus, and then one will get gift of child in his 32nd or 33rd year. Placement of Jupiter in the 9th house and Venus in 9th from Jupiter along with the lagna lord, one will get child at the age of 40. A careful analysis of the 5th house and the 5th lord from Saptamasha is also seen and this is very important because 7th house in Vedic astrology represents husband and wife’s sexual ability and helath.

Venus is one of the strongest indicators of the seventh house things, and a well-placed Venus is a very healthy indicator of good relationship between the husband and wife. The husband may get issues related to off spring if the position of 5th lord in the 6th, 8th or 12th house or in any inimical Rashi or sign or in a fall, or presence in 5th itself. Presence of retrograde planets may bring child bearing problems.

Onset of childbirth takes place during the dashas and the connected planet with the 5th house. If a 5th Lord is aspect with the beneficial planets then childless couple may be blessed with their child. Astrological remedies for Childless couple and Astrology solution for progeny can help a lot for beginning pregnancy in childless couple.

Few Astrological combinations for Childless Yogas

  1. Presence or aspect of malefic stars from the fifth house of ascendant, moon and Jupiter and no aspect of benefic stars in these houses also absence of any benefic stars.
  2. Lords of fifth house from Jupiter, moon and ascendant, placed in sixth, eighth and tenth house.
  3. When malefic stars (Saturn, Mars, Rahu or Ketu) are placed in second and twelfth houses, counting fifth house from ascendant, moon and Jupiter. But child Yoga prevalence if any of the malefic planets are positioned in the fifth house is the lord of the same house. Exceptionally, childless yoga also is seen to occur if benefic planet being lord of fifth house is positioned in the same house along with malefic star of its inimical sign.

Astrological Remedies For Childless Couple online consultation Booking provided By best Astrologer In India.

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