Kuber Yantra – Lord Kuber by Astrologer in Kolkata, India

Kuber Yantra – Lord Kuber

Kuber Yantra is a sacred tool comprised of the divine blessings of Lord Kuber. Lord Kuber has been personified as the supreme deity in Hindu religion who governs the aspect of wealth in one’s life. He has also been granted with the statuses of ‘God’s Treasurer’, ‘Banker in Heaven’, and ‘The Lord of Yakshas (savage…

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Emerald in Astrology by Astrologer in Kolkata, India

Emerald in Astrology

Emerald stone bears various benefits and make good events happen in your life. People with weak Mercury in their chart are suggested to wear this stone to increase their mental ability. However, this gemstone is considered as the birthstone for people born in the month of May and for those born under the Cancer signs.…

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Gemstone and Astrology Go Together by Astrologer in Kolkata, India

Gemstone and Astrology Go Together

Gems and astrology in the Vedic belief The ancient people were used to believing in the power of gemstones. In this regard, the Vedic belief of astrology in India describes immense power of gemstones and persuades its exercise as a talisman against misfortune. Vedic astrologers implore the command of Hindu deities and planets to enlighten…

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