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Aditya Shastri is generally educated in the mysterious science of astrology known as the Best Astrologer in Delhi. He carries more than 25 years of extensive experience in the mystical province of Vedic Astrology, devoutness, and associated science. He has fixed out a prominent niche in the art of accurate and exact Astrology Predictions. He is still on the informative path to obtain new skills and acquaintances by sharing in seminars, training programs, and inspection new courses. Today astrologer Aditya Shastri is a famous astrological consultant offering astrology counseling and discussion for many years.

Own way of working

Astrology is a field that even science failed to clarify. It is something dissimilar and exclusive and only can be clarified by an expert. Not everybody has the power to be an astrologer. It takes a lot of training, devotion, and endurance to master the art of astrology. So, if you are frustrating to get in touch with the best benefit in solving your matters, you might have to contact us to be your superlative help in town.

Being an astrologer comes quite unsurprisingly to us. We have been in practice for so several years and our hard works paid off obviously. Now, if you ask anyone about Astrologer in Delhi and their honest opinion about our corporation, we are pretty certain they will have positive things to say about us. We know you need the best help from the best astrologer in Delhi and that’s why we are here, visiting your city, and explaining your matters right from the core using our power.


Aditya Shastri has made a considerable study on many numbers horoscope books and developed noteworthy know-how into it. He helped thousands of people with his severe, correct, and wise horoscope forecasts. He has also received the limelight in providing the best Astro-counseling to people through telephonic conversation or discussion. Phone Consultation is like taking the Astrologer in Delhi on the Phone, and Aditya Shastri’s approachable, professional, and self-possessed manner in replying to astrological queries of people assisted them to find the most suitable and appropriate solution of problems which made their life miserable.

  • Panchang:

Panchang means five extremities i.e. naal, yogam, tithi, nakshatram, and Karanam. and is a very valuable Hindu astrological guide. Aditya Shastri, a modified panchang is made based on the date-time, and place of a person and based on the situation of dissimilar planets, Aditya Shastri offers them information about the promising time to start a specific work, travel, buying a new asset, or start a new venture.

  • Horoscope:

The birth chart of a person is ready based on the time, place, and date, and this astrological chart is recognized as a horoscope. Astrological advice is provided based on the person's zodiac mark. The position of the sun at the time when one is born controls the zodiac sign of a person. Aditya Shastri guides one about oneself as these symbols play a vigorous role in one’s overall character. Aditya Shastri not only offers a yearly horoscope but also offers daily, weekly and monthly horoscopes.

  • Palmistry:

At Aditya Shastri, palmistry specialists make forecasts by evaluating the pattern of lines, marks on the hands and fingers. The palmister by reading the appearances on the hands or palm can talk about the character, benefits, and future of the person.

  • Numerology:

Like astrology and palmistry, Aditya Shastri also offers a prediction of the future through numerology. Numerology specialists use the date of birth and name of a specific to unlock the secrets that the number holds.

  • Intercast marriage solution in Delhi:

You are in love but with a person from an additional caste. When you fell in love, you know the tests that are about to come your way. Being in a place like Delhi where fallacies and artistic beliefs are quite at high stakes, you have to face some shock to love a girl from another caste. You wanted the best service and that’s what you are going to obtain now. We will make your wedding a grand achievement by shutting down society and negative views, just to assist you to live a fortunately ever afterlife.

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Prophecy and full kundali analysis services are also provided at Aditya Shastri. One is just required to pay a minimal amount to get a modified consultation. This consultation charge is legal for one year and anytime during the year they can contact our astrological experts and get their queries determined. The information between Aditya Shastri and the customer is kept confidential. The calculations are based on the schedules of the planets, their evolution, and the consistent psychological and environmental possessions of the individual.

Astrologer in Delhi