Lace Ribbon

Lace Ribbon

At TK Ribbons, we know that you don’t have to celebrate every birthday in your family with lace ribbon, but why wouldn’t you want to? Fortunately for you and the birthday girl or boy, we have some snazzy ways for you to dress up the day with ribbon. All these ideas are simple to do no matter your skill level and will make waves in your family for years to come.

Perhaps the best thing about all these birthday crafts is that they don’t have to be used for the birthday and then stored away the rest of the year. You can create them for the birthday and use them all year long, or make new ones every year to commemorate how far they’ve come.

Birthday Banner

You can create a simple birthday banner using some string or twine and several different varieties of ribbon. Simply cut a piece of ribbon or string in length long enough to fit across the room you’ll hang it in. Then using a variety of ribbon in the birthday girl or boy’s favorite colors, tie lengths of ribbon about an inch apart along the string. Hang it up above the cake for the birthday party or hang it in their room so that they wake up to a birthday banner that’s all their own and made with love.

King or Queen for a Day

Using felt, buttons, lace ribbon, and whatever other craft items you think they may enjoy, you can create a simple crown for your child to make them feel like royalty for the day. Depending on your child’s age and skill level, you may even have them make their own with your help using the craft glue or hot glue gun. Your kids will love going to school with their own birthday crown.

Birthday Door Décor

Many parents have embraced the trend of decorating their kids’ doors for a fun surprise when they wake up on their big day. Hang strips of ribbon to their door frame that fall near to floor length. If you choose to do this fun and simple craft to celebrate your kid’s birthday, be prepared to have them begging to keep the ribbon up all year long.

Ribbon Wands for All

Birthdays may be a big day for the person whose birthday it is, but the whole family should celebrate it. Make birthday wands using long wooden dowels tied at one end with long streams of lace ribbon in their favorite colors.

There are many ways that you can use these birthday wands to celebrate your family member. When they arrive at the breakfast or dinner table, at their birthday party, or all the above, they will feel so special to see everyone celebrating them with their favorite colors and a craft custom fit to them.

For the next birthday celebration in your family, make sure to put a more personalized spin on the big day with lace ribbon and some of these ideas from the team at TK Ribbons. Your family member will feel special, and it’s something you can do without having to put a lot of effort into it.

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