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The Inevitable Death in Astrology

The ultimate of life, the death is inevitable. If we look into life and death astrologically, it is supposed, that they are manifestation of astral energies collected together.

Before asserting an event to occur life span must be seen for an individual on the basis of a correct horoscope. If the life span is not long, several events of life may not happen as time scheduled.

Longevity is the basic factor which covers an event to happen. Astrology is a peculiar science, which enables in asserting death inflicting factors in a horoscope.

An astrologer cannot exactly predict the time and nature of death but he can determine the life span from the birth chart and can also give some hints about the nature and period of death.

Factors to be considered for death are as follow:

1. Category of life span [short, medium and long]

2. Duration of life span [longevity]

3. Full markesh [death inflicting period]

4. Year/month/day/time/place of death

5. Cause of death

Death Inflicting Factor:

· The planet Saturn is the karaka of longevity/death.

· The 2nd and 7th houses are the houses of death [the Maraka].

· Malefic planets in, 2nd and 7th house.

· Malefic planets in, association with the lords of 2nd or 7th house.

· Lords of 7th and 8th houses. Lord of 3rd or 8th associated with the 2nd or 7th lord.

· Saturn in association with a Maraka.

· Lord of 6th or 8th associated with Maraka.

· 2nd or 7th lord associated with Benefice.

· The least powerful planet in the horoscope.

· The transition of Movable/malefic/afflicted planet

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