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A Little Window to Significant Gemstone Remedies for Weak Planets

Gem therapy can be one of the best bets to propitiate the malefic planets and strengthen the beneficial planets in your horoscope chart. As per Vedic astrology, energized and attuned gemstones yield enough power to strengthen the beneficial planets and propitiate the malefic planets in an individual’s horoscope. However, it makes sense to consult an astrologer before actually using a particular gemstone. Here’s a little smattering on some precious gemstones and how these gemstones help curb the negative impacts created by weak, malefic or afflicted planets in one’s horoscope chart.


Ruby is the preferred astrological remedy to strengthen or propitiate Sun in one’s horoscope chart. Sun represents an individual’s soul, self-confidence, individuality, heart, blood circulation and eyesight. If afflicted, weak or malefic in one’s horoscope chart, Sun may bring in several issues including low self-esteem, poor eyesight, eye-inflammation, heart diseases, hemorrhage and lethargy. Energized Ruby gemstone is the birthstone for Leo sign and helps get rid of the ill-effects of afflicted, weak or malefic Sun. It is important to wear Ruby gemstone on a Sunday in the ring finger of the right hand.


Pearl is the preferred astrological remedy for Moon. Energized Pearls are used to strengthen a weak Moon in one’s astrology horoscope chart. Afflicted moon may cause turbulent relations, depression, menstrual problems, weight loss, and several health hazards related to lung and kidney. Energized pearl gemstone is the birthstone for Cancer sign and helps resolve issue created by weak, afflicted or malefic Moon in one’s horoscope chart. It must be worn on a Monday in the left or right hand on the ring finger.

Red Coral

Red Coral is the gemstone that proves to be helpful for strengthening Mars in one’s horoscope. If afflicted, Mars may become a reason for loss of vitality and energy, major injuries and several health issues. Energized Red Coral helps ward off the negative effects of Mars and brings good health, success and prosperity in one’s marital life. This precious gemstone must be worn on the index or ring finger of the right hand on a Tuesday.


Emerald is the gemstone useful for afflicted, weak or malefic Mercury. Planet mercury represents business, communication and intelligence according to Vedic Astrology. And if afflicted, Mercury may bring in nervous disorders, body allergies and communication related problems. Energized Emerald gemstone must be set in a gold ring and worn on the middle finger or the little finger of right hand on a Wednesday to get rid of the negative influences created by Mercury in one’s life.

Yellow Sapphire

Yellow Sapphire is the remedy for weak or malefic Jupiter. Planet Jupiter brings hope, optimism, good fortune and prosperity in one’s life. If afflicted or weak, Jupiter leads to several health hazards such as liver related diseases, dyspepsia, abscess, pancreatic disorders and cerebral congestion. Energized Yellow Sapphire gemstone set in a gold ring and worn on the index or ring finger of the right hand on a Tuesday helps get rid of issues created by afflicted or weak, Jupiter.


Diamond is the astrological remedy for Planet Venus that signifies beauty, love and artistic skills. If afflicted, or malefic, Venus leads to epilepsy, impotency, rheumatism and other sexual diseases. Ill-effects of Venus can be tackled by wearing energized Diamond gemstone set in a silver ring on the middle finger, index or ring finger of the right hand on a Tuesday.

Blue sapphire

Blue sapphire is the remedy for afflicted Saturn which signifies our duties and salvation. If Saturn is weak, malefic or afflicted in one’s horoscope, the person suffers from heart related ailments, asthma, leprosy and lack of peace. To curb the ill-effects of Saturn, one must wear energized Blue sapphire gemstone in a silver ring on the middle finger on a Saturday.


Hessonite is the remedy for weak or malefic Rahu as per Vedic astrology. Shadow Planet, Rahu can cause Cancer, fears, phobias, critical illnesses and contagious diseases, if afflicted, weak or malefic in one’s horoscope chart. Natives with weak Rahu must do well to wear energized Hessonite set in gold ring in the middle finger of the right or the left hand on a Saturday or Wednesday.

Cat’s Eye

Cat’s Eye is the best astrological remedy to get rid of the ill effects of the Shadow Planet -Ketu. A weak or afflicted Ketu in one’s horoscope can cause mental diseases, cancer, paralysis, digestive complications, skin problems, and allergies. In order to get rid of the ill-effects of weak or afflicted Ketu, one must wear energized Cat’s Eye gemstone set in a gold ring on the index finger of the right hand on a Thursday.

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