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Indian Matrimony Is Now Totally Different From What It Used to Be

Indian Matrimony is a very big thing with all Indians, all across the globe.

And so…

We have so many matrimonial websites today. Today, it is no longer the day of just astrology or pundits or “marriages being made in heaven or offices”. More and more parents and adults of Indian origin, are now looking at the various options for marriage that are available for them on the various types of matrimonial sites that are now available.

This is a big change from the way people once used to get married in India. There was a time when long ago in India, people only used to get married by way of arranged marriages. The family of the bride or the groom, knew someone of some family of the opposite half and they would fix the marriage between the boy and the girl – without even bothering to consult them.

But Indian Matrimony has changed now

Now, arranged marriages are almost as good as over – unless you consider the fact that even getting married via an online matrimony site could also be considered as an arranged marriage. And it would be true, because even getting married by meeting someone online is a kind of an arranged marriage – it really depends on how things work out.

True though, the first step to getting married by looking at any online site for matrimony could and must definitely be considered as a kind of an arranged marriage. After all, this is not your typical boy meet girl – or girl meet boy thing that is happening. You are going to an online site to find your better half.

Big changes in the matrimonial scene in India

As India is now a global force to reckon with, you must keep in mind that it is the younger generation of India who are making a great many changes in the country. It is this young generation that has changed the way the “thinking” and “doing” of marriages in India happens.

The young generation is no longer interested in something like arranged marriages – the kind that used to take place in India, once not so very, long ago. This generation would rather find their own mate – be it in college, next door, in office or for that matter, even on a matrimonial site. Understanding this fact, even parents who have a girl or boy of marriageable age, are now registering on matrimonial websites to find the best suitable partner for their kids. Truly, Indian Matrimony is no longer what it used to be!

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