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Vastu Shastra Tips For Finances

You work your socks off each day but earn only misery while others do nothing and earn billions. Not fair is it? Well, sulking over the situation won’t get you anywhere. What your really need to do is get hold of the Vastu Shastra tips that the rich are using to enrich their lives with prosperity and abundance. Below are a few pointers that will help you attract wealth into your life!

Fish Aquariums

Fish aquariums help attract money. For that matter, choose healthy fishes for your aquarium and make sure you keep their water clean and aerated. The steady movement of a fish keeps the energy of wealth on a constant move.

Front Door

Make your front door look distinctive to attract the riches. Give it a different color or texture compared to the adjoining walls.


Always keep the windows sparkling, dirty glass tends to restrict the money movement.


Place pebbles, decorative boulders around the building. This helps increase the flow of financial energy in a business which is suffering from losses.

Green Plants

If your expenditure is growing beyond control or finances are getting uncontrollable, place green plants inside the toilet. This will stop the money from flushing down the drain, since, symbolically; live, growing things tend to absorb water energy and reprocess it.


One of the vastu shastra tips says that an almirah where jewelry and other valuables are kept must be placed very carefully. The best position is the west side wall, facing north.

Purple Plants

Place purple colored plants (live) in the southeastern corner to attract wealth.


Hang mirrors which reflect your locker or cash box. This symbolically doubles the wealth.

Weighty Objects

Always place the weighty objects in the far-left of the room if money tends to disappear from your life.

Crystals In The Window

Hanging crystals at the window can activate energy. When the rays from the sun hit these crystals, they create a magnificent rainbow. However, make sure you select a window that gets direct sunlight. This act will help enhance your career.

Bird Feeder And Bath

Place a bird feeder or a bath in your yard to draw wild life. This will enhance the energy around your house. Bird feeders and baths are an excellent way to attract prosperity from everywhere.

By following these simple vastu shastra tips for finance we can grow our bank balance from a few hundreds to millions! Good luck and happy creating!!

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