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Lord Ganesha’s Idol Makes a Difference

Ganesha is the God of prosperity, good luck success, remover of hurdles and destroyer of sins. However The idols placed at certain points in the house generate more positive vibrations, such placement benefits the entire household. Even the colors of the idols emit a kind of vibration.

Desirous of attracting prosperity place a statue which is white in color, and should be looking inside the house, the back of the lord should always be seen from the outside. If the idol is difficult to find, even a picture of white Ganesha, can work wonders.

The north East corner of the house is believed to be the most pious place in the house; therefore a prayer room is usually built on that side. This also happens to be the best place to place the idol of lord Ganesha. In case there is no space then place the idol facing south and ensure that you are facing north or east while offering prayers.

Ganesha idol made up of wood of the mango, or the Indian lilac tree when anyplace feeling that destiny is against them, need not worry anymore, place a statue of the lord which is made up of turmeric, and within days, the occupants of the house start getting benefited on the door attract lots of positive energy, and bestows good luck on the inhabitants of the house.

The idol of the lord made with cow dung, is very lucky, just by placing in the house we can observe sorrows being reduced and good things start happening.

If there is any vastu defect in your house, a statue of the lord made up of crystal if placed in the house, negates all the ill effects of bad vastu. This is not cheap but the size of the statue does not matter. Many have felt the positive effects within days of placing the idol made up of crystal.

Keeping a Ganesha idol made up of turmeric can change your destiny without much effort. The presence of this idol in your house is highly auspicious.

Self made Ganesha idol

Making and worshiping idol of, ensures a bright future, however care and purity has to be followed while making it.

Ganesha made of Vermilion:

If the aim of the man is self-growth, then worshiping an idol of Lord Ganesha made of Vermilion color serves the purpose.

Remove hurdles at the workplace and bring in success:

Facing hurdles and work is left incomplete, no worries, just place an idol of standing Lord Ganesha at a stipulated place, energetic vibrations can be felt, and the rest is just success.

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