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How to Take Maximum Benefit From Feng Shui Aquariums

Feng Shui is the belief from China which says that your luck and your prosperity are affected by the possessions which are present in our environment.  The main focus of feng shui is on the generation of positive energy which is called chi.

The activation and the enhancement of this chi energy is affected by the movement of water and the fish in your aquarium.  So if you design your aquarium according to the basics mentioned in feng shui, it will clean the negative energy and bring in a lot of positive energy which can in turn help to increase the levels of wealth and abundance in your house.

Keep in mind the following tips to take greatest advantage of feng shui while setting up an aquarium at your home –

1.    When you move to a new house, you should set up an aquarium at the main entrance of the house.  This is the most important tip.  Have you noticed prominent aquariums are located at Chinese restaurants?  It is supposed to bring in a lot of wealth.

2.    The best fish for placing in your aquarium according to feng shui is arrowana.  It is also called dragon fish.  However this is very expensive variety because of its specific importance.  If this fish is not available you can go for other alternatives.

3.    Then you should keep goldfish in the aquarium.  There are specific numbers which are recommended for you.  While you can keep one fish in it, the most desirable number is 9.  If you keep nine fish at the aquarium, they will bring greatest wealth.  However, out of these nine, there should be at least one goldfish in black color.  Black Moor goldfish is supposed to be the most favorite for this purpose.

4.    Always avoid red fish in your aquarium.  Red color represents fire and it cannot go with the water in the aquarium.

5.    Never keep 2 or 5 or 7 fish in the aquarium.  They are supposed to be numbers bringing in bad omen or negative energies.

6.    You should put in equal number of metal coins in the aquarium.  So if you are keeping nine fish, you should put mine coins.  They are supposed to enhance your wealth.

7.    For energy enhancement, you should add an aerator which will create bubbles in your aquarium.  It will enhance the chi energy.

8.    As far as the shape of the aquarium, you should go for a circular shape.  If for any reason so you cannot get such shape or if it is inconvenient to have such shape in your home, then you can go for the rectangular shape.  You should always avoid square shape because it clashes with the water element.

9.    The best location for keeping your aquarium at home is southeast.  If you are unable to install your aquarium at this area, then you can go for the north or for the east.

10.    Avoid installing your aquarium in your bedroom or in kitchen.  Both these places are the sources of unwanted energy according to feng shui principles.

11.    Your wishes can come true only if you keep your aquarium clean and beautiful.  You should keep a close watch on the dirt and un-eaten food particles accumulated at the bottom of the aquarium.  You should also find out whether there are any floating particles in the aquarium water.  If you find them, increase the level of filtration or change the water.

If you take good care of your aquarium by keeping it clean and neat, it will enhance the positive energies and you should be able to get real help towards achieving your goals.

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