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Electromagnetic Radiations – A Threat In Our Modern Scenario And How We Could Save Ourselves From It

So, we’ve been hearing and reading about the harmful radiations of cell phones and microwaves all the time, but what does the term ‘Electromagnetic Radiations’ (EMR’s) exactly mean and of what concern is it to us?

Generally, radiations can be divided into two categories; natural and man-made. The sun is a natural source of radiation; it has positive as well as negative effects, from sunburn to skin cancer (if overexposure occurs). But this can be taken care of (to a certain extent) by loathing oneself with sunscreen and other methods like using an umbrella etc. Electromagnetic radiations or EMR’s are manmade radiations or rays emitted from electronic gadgets like X-ray machines, microwaves, cell phones, computers, TV’s etc.

Why should we be bothered about EMR’s?

Simply put, EMR’s cut through our aura, enter our immune system and make us weak, causing various diseases, radiation sickness (nausea etc.) or even birth defects. Cell phones and cord less phones emit strong EMFs (electromagnetic fields) especially from the handset. This is a major problem as we hold these gadgets rather close to our heads. What is of concern in the present scenario is our growing dependence on these electronic devices which could lead to an increase in radiation-related illnesses. Radiations can be harmless or extremely dangerous to humans, depending on the source, level of radiation, and duration of exposure. Right now we are swimming in a pool of radiations but we cannot confidently connect the hazards of radiations to diseases because our scientists are yet in the research stages.

Most experts agree that limited exposure to EMR’s is not much of a threat. For example, it’s quite normal for a person to stand near the toaster in the morning and operate the computer or laptop for a few hours daily. At the same time they observe that these days practically every second home has at least one member suffering from some or the other illness like cancer or thyroid diseases. This means there could be some connection with over-exposure to these radiations and poor health. In today’s world possessing gadgets like mobiles and laptops has become more of a necessity than a luxury. Since electricity is an inseparable part of our modern society EMR’s will continue to be all around us. But besides making our life easier, is electricity also making our lives miserable? Technology has come up with solutions like radiation shields on computers in order to minimize human risk. So also experts and doctors suggest lifestyle changes which could minimize exposure to such rays so that we could live a moderately healthy life.

The precautionary measures listed below have been mainly given by Dr. Simran Mirpuri and Feng Shui expert Mr. Bhavesh Vadia. Dr. Simran is an M.B.B.S. from Nair hospital, Mumbai. She practices in her clinic at Navjeevan Society, in the city of Mumbai in India. She asks us to be wary of cordless appliances. She believes that on a day to day level usage of cell phones should be lessened. In fact until the age of 10-12 yrs. a child need not be exposed to cell radiations at all. 39 yr. old Mr. Vadia, also a resident of Mumbai who has been healing people with Alternative Therapies like Feng Shui, Reiki, Vastu etc. since the past 18 yrs. under the name ‘Energy Systems’ has a different take on this. He opines that, “As time goes by the human body too evolves and the internal fighting capacity increases to combat these damages. Our lifestyles are such that we cannot prevent TV viewing, cell phone usage or the use of computers. In fact their consumption is increasing day by day in spite of the warnings being floated around. TV’s are put up in buses; next they could be in trains and so on. These days taxi drivers and rikshaw drivers too own cell phones. It is not possible to educate the common man as he does not have knowledge about the frequency levels of these gadgets.

Mr. Vadia has listed some precautions to follow to lessen the harmful effects of radiations:

  • A computer expert who operates the computer the whole day, can as a precautionary measure have a green screen saver or have the wall in the background either painted or wallpapered of green colour. The colour contrast would not only be soothing to the eyes but even lessen the damage done to his eyesight due to radiations. As per Feng Shui green bamboo plants or any other plant can also be placed near the computer as they are believed to be life saving and have the capacity to absorb negative energy.
  • One must be careful when placing the computer in your rooms and see to it that there are few or no reflecting objects like mirrors as they have a multiplying effect on these rays. Experts and scientists suggest that we must preferably place electrical devices (such as clocks, telephones, cell phones etc.) at least 6 feet from our bed.
  • Some appliances like TV’s draw current even when they’re off. We must take care to unplug all electronic appliances when not in use before retiring for the day. We must try to distance ourselves at least 6 feet away from our TV and also form the habit of standing a little away from our microwaves and ovens. EMF’s (electromagnetic fields) pass right through walls, so the EMF radiating from the next room or from outside your home should also be of concern to you.
  • EMFs radiate from all sides of the computer. Thus, you must not only sit at a distance from the monitor but also be bothered if a computer is operating anywhere in your room. To solve this you can rearrange your office and home area such that you are not exposed to EMFs from the sides/backs of electric appliances and computers. At home, it is best that if possible, all major electrical appliances, such as computers, TVs, refrigerators etc, be placed up against outside walls. That way you are not creating an Electromagnetic field in the adjoining rooms.

On one hand technology helps us make life comfortable and be connected to people, on the other it also pours into our lives, more gadgets, more radiation, and thus more suffering. So we need to do all we can to reduce the overall burden, while improving the body’s vitality and its immune health.

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