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What Do The Stars Predict For Your Future? Try Astrology To Find Out

If you like astrology, you’ll be happy to get astrology readings both via the
Internet and offline. For myself, I get a number of freebies every day by e-mail,
and it’s quite comical how they all vary! What can you expect though, given
that they’re not calculated using my own birth data – for which reason I see this
kind of astrology only as a source of entertainment.

So, as a mere fun interest, naturally I’d never suggest basing any serious
life decisions on something like astrology. I see it in terms of an oddity or
curiosity, even if it does have some sort of impressive history in dating way
back to Ancient Babylon. Regardless of what my newspaper horoscope tells
me, I favor an approach of combined reason and intuition – without of course I
have some irrational but overwhelming feeling that I bought to purchase a lottery
ticket, in which case it’s only a small price to pay for being wrong.

To sum up: my own view of astrology readings that are based on your sun
sign alone and nothing more personal are just a harmless piece of fun. If
you want to go more in-depth, have a full birth chart calculated on the basis
of your place of birth, date and time. (A chart can still be done without a
precise time but it will not be as personal as one without.) This can give a
detailed character analysis; in addition, if you want such extra services,
you can check out your horoscope compatibility with your partner, which
is technically known as synastry.

Naturally, having the full works done, allows your astrologer to make more
personalized and specific future forecasts – although wherever or not you
choose to believe in their validity is another matter entirely. For myself, I
simply enjoy the psychological aspects of chart analysis and how this can
sometimes shed interesting light on a subject’s character. I’ve never really
been sure how much in life is fated or merely random; and I have to say
that astrologers seem pretty much divided over this deep philosophical
question too.

Whatever the truth of the matter, you might be interested in having some
free astrology readings done from mere curiosity. There are sites which
offer sample readings, possibly leading to a fuller, paid one if you’re
adequately interested. Although you may know your Western star sign,
you may not know your Eastern or Vedic astrology sign, or indeed your
Chinese astrology one. You might even like to sample them all to see
which system describes you best. After all, it can be either free or very
low-cost to try an astrology reading. [] offers a
tempting selection for those curious about this ancient celestial art.

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