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Clock Direction As Per Vastu

What Feng Shui is to the world Vastu Shastra is to us in India. The innumerable benefits of Vastu aren’t a hidden secret from anyone. Whenever we buy a house making it Vastu friendly is probably the next time that everyone follows. But what most people don’t know that there is big science behind Vastu and one should learn to bow down to its brilliance.

One basic that everyone has in their house/ office and gives no thought where to place is a clock. Clocks are an integral part of everyone’s household. But what most people don’t know about is that Vastu Shastra has a set of rules and regulations that need to be kept in mind before you place the wall clock in your house or office.

The simple trick you should remember is that if you place them in the right place you will see positive changes happening in your life and placing them in the wrong place can attract the worst.

1. As per Vastu, a wall clock should never ever be placed on a wall in the South direction of the building.

2. Vastu also suggests that the clock should be hanged on a wall in the east, west or north direction. Doing so helps maintain positivism in the house.

3. According to Vastu, pendulum clocks help create positive sound waves vibration that in turn will help make your place absolutely positive.

4. You should never place a wall clock at the top of the doorway. That’s not all, it should also not be placed facing the main door.

5. For a happy married life, one should keep a wall clock far from the bed. Doing so will ensure you enjoy life with your partner to the fullest.

6. If by chance your wall clock tends to be in a non-working condition and stops due to some circumstances, you need to immediately repair or remove it from your place of dwelling.

7. No clock should be set behind real time. In fact, if you want, they should be one-two minutes ahead of correct time just so that there is no possibility of being late in all your daily tasks.

8. When it comes to the bedroom, the best place to hang the wall clock is to place it facing towards the East side.

9. As a rule, for the bedroom, if the East isn’t available you could also pick the North direction.

Must do things:

1)Always find a location for placing your wall clock on the north or east wall only. Vastu believes that hanging the wall clock in the northern direction attracts more wealth.

2)If your wall clock comprises of a pendulum, then, place it in the eastern direction.

3)Always hang the wall clock inside your house.

4)If the location is a bedroom, then, place the clock in such a way that you see it while waking up from your bed. The best location to hang a wall clock in the bedroom is towards the north.

5)Ensure that all the clocks in your home are functioning correctly. Replace the malfunctioning or non-working clocks immediately.

6) Always set the clock in such a way that it shows correct time or 1-2 minutes ahead of correct time.

7)Clean the wall clocks regularly.

Must Avoid things:

1)Vastu Shastra recommends to never hang wall clocks on the south facing walls.

2)Never hang wall clocks above any door.

3)Avoid possessing malfunctioning or non-working clocks in the house.

4)The glass of the clock should be cracks free.

5)Never set your clock behind the correct time.

6)Make sure that your bed doesn’t get reflected in the glass of wall clock in the bedroom.

7)Never use wall clock which depicts negativity, crimes, or violence.

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