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3 Mantras to Improve Your Luck

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Every once in a while, there seems to be something beyond our immediate perception that is creating obstacles in our life and stopping us from achieving what we desire. Most people chalk it up to bad luck. Bad luck can hamper the growth and vitality of an individual and seems impossible to reverse.

Hinduism offers many solutions to solve the problem of bad luck. Let us check them out.

Lakshmi Mantra

Chanting of the Lakshmi Mantra is known to alleviate bad luck. All you need to do is find some vulture feathers that are easily available and on the new moon day, facing the east on a river bank, you need to chant the mantra. Doing so, will bring you inner peace and good luck.

Gayatri Mantra

Gayatri Mantra is the most well known go-to for anyone who wants to reverse the bad luck they seem to be cursed with. The Mantra is easily to learn and chant and can be said any time of the day. The Mantra is known to bring in good luck and calm the mind.

Mahamritunjay Jaap

The Mahamritunjay Jaap, also known as Shiva’s Mantra, can be practiced to bring in good luck and well-being.


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